Dr. Sunil Paulraj

Founding President, Toccata Musical Productions & Toccata Kreations Trust

Born in Bangalore, Dr. Sunil Paulraj is a neonatal intensivist, musician, a wild life enthusiast and a former national athlete.

Dr. Sunil, for the past decade and a half has been serving the Royal Victoria Maternity Hospital in Belfast, UK. He credits his success as a Neonatologist to the arduous training and discipline he imbibed at the Christian Medical College Ludhiana and the many hospitals he served in Bangalore, Orissa, Punjab and Maldives.

For Sunil, through life’s journeys, the only constant has been music. Keen to sing as a kid, Sunil joined the church choir as a tenor. Music slowly became an integral part of his life and he started performing with the local choirs at public concerts and appearing on some radio shows. These experiences helped Sunil build his repertoire escalating his love for music. He has trained under some of Britain’s finest vocal coaches including Paul Farrington (Royal Academy of Music), Mary Hammond and Judith Sheridan. Sunil has had the pleasure of singing for late Padmashri Handel Manuel, has worked with Lady Macnez from the Rossini Conservatoire Italy and the Indian Maestro Ilayaraja.

Sunil has been organising music festivals since his early twenties. Festivals like ‘Down the Memory Lane’, ‘Peace & Harmony’, ‘The Peace Concert’, ‘Fiddlers on the Hoof’and many more in Bangalore added to his portfolio of performances and productions. His continued love for Musical Productions flagged off the initiative Toccata Musical Productions, UK, in 2005.

Toccata is registered in India as Toccata Kreations Trust, bringing on board his long term friend Kavitha to share in his vision for Toccata. Sunil handles all creative aspects of the Toccata Productions which includes artistic arrangements and collaborations, consistently innovating and evolving attaining world class production standards.

Kavitha Prasad

Managing Trustee, Toccata Kreations Trust

Cited in ‘Computer Reseller’ as one of the youngest women achievers in IT sales in her first job, Kavitha Prasad has never let that recognition rest. Having earned her MBA in International Business, Kavitha’s forward momentum to ‘get things done’, won her accolades as an individual contributor and a team player. This helped her carve a niche, in the relatively small segment of women leaders in the Business Development space.

Kavitha, a high energy, fiscally conscious, and goal-driven International Business Development Professional, has worked in very challenging industry sectors like IT, Mobility, Radio, Television and International Economic Development. Her professional life spanning over 18 years has been enriched with learning experiences gained from private sector giants such as HCL Infosystems, Hutchison Essar Ltd, Radio Mirchi, UTV and the economic development agency of the Northern Irish Government – Invest Northern Ireland.  Her work with Tata tea while at UTV won the Emvies for innovative advertiser funded program.

Co-located at the British Deputy High Commission, Bangalore, Kavitha essayed the role of Country Manager / Business Development Director of Invest Northern Ireland in South Asia. In this capacity she has successfully represented the region in many national and international business conclaves and conferences and has been a key liaison between the governments and industry bodies of Northern Ireland and South Asian countries.   She currently works as an independent management consultant for various governments to facilitate trade and FDI, fund raising for start-ups and also offers media consultations.

A sports enthusiast and an erstwhile athlete, Kavitha has also been a public speaker and enjoys writing, designing clothes and homes with equal panache.

Kavitha joined hands with Dr. Sunil Paulraj to start the Indian arm of Toccata Musical Productions in India called the Toccata Kreations Trust. She manages the business side of the operations which includes financial planning, collaborations, sponsorships, vendor management, PR and marketing.

W.R. Paulraj

Chief Advisor, Toccata Kreations Trust


After graduating as a civil engineer W. R. Paulraj worked in commercial construction for about five years. He then lapped up the opportunity to work with Mather & Platt, a British Company as its Regional Head where he developed and mastered the project management and marketing skills. He spent twenty five glorious years with the organisation widening his business perspective and contributing to the company’s growth.

Paulraj’s yearning to serve the lord with his gifts saw him take on the responsibility as Marketing Director of the Bible Society of India which he passionately executed for twenty six years.

Just as he wanted to retire, he had Life Publishers International, USA knocking on his door seeking his knowledge of the publishing industry and ability to achieve results. His yearning to continue to serve the lord made him gleefully accept the assignment to develop Christian literature in various Indian languages.

For a man who wants to die with his boots on, age is just a number. Even at 82, he continues to work and inspire the current crop of professionals and his own peers. Summing his career it is apt to say, Paulraj has been building structures, lives and faith with elan.